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My entrance into the blogosphere has been via personal finance and financial independence (FI) blogs. One of the first blogs I read was Mr. Money Mustache. I started reading a few of his articles, then started to devour the content. Then I found more FI blogs, and let my magazine subscriptions expire.

My top ten favorite blogs:
  1. Root of Good. Justin has great articles about personal finance and frugal living. Favorite post: $150,000 Income, $150 Income Tax”. Who knew some people could contribute to a 403b and a 457? This blog has saved me a lot of money. If only I’d found it sooner.
  1. Mr Money Mustache. A ton of great content on frugality and how to break free from a consumer society. Favorite post: “A Millionaire is Made Ten Bucks at a Time”. Ten bucks IS a lot of money.
  1. Mad FIentist. Detailed articles on strategies to optimize the path to financial independence. Favorite post: “How to Access Retirement Funds Early”. No you don’t have to wait till age 59.5 to access your retirement accounts.
  1. Early Retirement Extreme. Jacob Lund Fisker has a great blog about principles for lifestyle design and achieving financial independence. Favorite post: Here I am going to diverge a bit and say my favorite content is the first chapter of his book “Early Retirement Extreme” which can be previewed on Amazon.
  1. The Finance Buff. Great concise articles on numerous financial topics. Favorite post: “Why Investors Don’t Realize CDs Are a Better Deal Than Bonds”. I own Bonds and CDs.
  1. GoCurryCracker. Travel and financial independence blog. I like their tax articles, they show their forms and it’s very helpful to see exactly how they minimize taxes. Favorite post: “Never Pay Taxes Again“.
  1. My Money Blog. Jonathan posts about investing, money saving tips, and credit card rewards. Favorite post: His latest deal/tip.
  1. Millionaire Educator. Not oxymorons. They document their path to FI. Favorite post: “How We Saved $500,000 in 4.5 Years“.
  1. Interstellar Orchard. Took till #9 to get to a non-FI blog. Becky documents her full time RVing in a Casita trailer. I don’t plan to full time, but I’ve gotten some great tips on buying an RV and traveling. Favorite post: “Boondocking Answers”.
  1. Doctor of Credit. The latest credit card and financial deals. I’m addicted. Favorite post: The latest deal/tip.

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