Two ways to save money on Amazon

Save money at Amazon. Frugal living. In the wheat
Camelcamelcamel tracks the price of Amazon items
Method 1. CamelCamelCamel

The camelcamelcamel website tracks the price of an item on Amazon and when it goes down the website will email you. Then you buy it quickly before the price goes back up. I use this approach for larger ticket items and several non-perishable repeat purchase items on our homestead like vehicle oil and air filters. Steps:

  • Go to Amazon and find your item
  • Copy the URL or the product name
  • Go to Camelcamelcamel and enter the URL and product name
  • The price history is shown for Amazon, and if you select it, also third party sellers. I prefer dealing with Amazon. Make sure the product is correct
  • Select a desired price. I pick a desired price that has been previously achieved. Enter your email
  • CamelCamelCamel will email you when the price drops. Hopefully you will read your email and make your purchase before the price goes back up

But what if you need the product now and can’t wait?

Method 2. Chase credit card price protection

If you purchase your item with an eligible Chase credit card and the price drops within 90 days of the purchase, you can request a refund. There are additional limitations described here including a limit of $500 per item, and $2,500 per year. I purchased an electric fireplace insert from Amazon using an eligible Chase card for the purchase. I had waited a few weeks for the price to drop and for camelcamelcamel to email me, but the price had not dropped to my desired price. So on Sept 10th I placed the order from using my Chase card for $279.99 plus tax. But I did not cancel my camelcamelcamel alert. On Sept 30th camelcamelcamel emailed me the price had gone down to $225.47. A difference of $54.52, ouch. I did some research and found out my card had price protection. My item was eligible and I was well within the 90 day limit. I called the phone number and they described the limitations of the service and sent me to the claim website. I needed 1) the original invoice, 2) proof of the price drop and 3) my credit card statement. Here are the steps I followed to get my $54.52 check in the mail:

  • I called the number 1-888-320-9656 and they sent me to the website. Next time I will skip this step.
  • I went to the website:
  • I uploaded 1) a pdf of my original invoice from Amazon, 2) a screenshot (jpg) of the Amazon website clearly showing the reduced $225.47 price, and 3) a pdf printout of my credit card statement. Note I was well within the 90 day limit, so it should have been clear to the claim reviewer the price drop was within 90 days of the purchase price in my case. Also rather than wait for my printed credit card statement, I went online and just printed my Chase statement.
  • In the claim box I entered: I purchased an electric fireplace with my card, invoice attached (FireplaceInvoice) on Sept 10 for $279.99 from Amazon. On Sept 30 it is now advertised on Amazon for $225.47, screenshot attached (Fireplace). I request a refund using the “price Protection” benefit of my card. Thank you
  • The $54.52 check arrived in the mail on Oct 14th, two weeks after I filed my claim. Cha-ching.
Price protection using other credit cards

Doctor-of-credit has an article here comparing price protection from Chase, Citi and Discover.

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